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Struggling with mental health? is here to help!

Risks of poor mental health


Chronic diseases

Mental health conditions can also make dealing with a chronic illness more difficult. The mortality rate from cancer and heart disease is higher among people with depression or other mental health conditions.


‌Sleep problems

About 50% of cases of insomnia are impacted by depression, anxiety, or psychological stress. Your job, social, and family lives will be negatively impacted, which makes it difficult to operate during the day.


Self Harm

Psychiatric illnesses carry a greatly increased risk of self-harm as well as of suicide. People suffering from major depression have a 17-fold greater risk of taking their own life.

Benefits of talk therapy

About 75 percent of people who participated in talk therapy experience some benefits. A counselor may help the patient to:


Gain a better understanding of their emotions


Identify roadblocks and obstacles to optimal mental health


Overcome anxiety and insecurities


Cope with stress


Process previous traumatic experiences


Work on breaking unhealthy habits


Discuss possible lifestyle changes


Pinpoint triggers

Talk to our qualified psychologist


Julia holds an Honours degree in Psychology (National University of Singapore). She has 14 years of working experience in the mental health industry, specialising in individuals with clinical disorders, developmental disorders and behaviour management. She uses various psychological intervention techniques which are customised to each individual.

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