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Connect with Our General Practitioners and Counselors for Improved Health


Feeling Sick / Unlike Your Usual Self?

Feeling unlike yourself lately?

Moody, anxious, depressed, angry or experiencing uncharacteristic emotions?

It's important to recognize these feelings and seek professional support if they persist or impact your daily life.

Feeling physically unwell?

Covid-19, flu, cough, migraines, allergies, back pain, skin rashes, constipation, fever or other conditions.

It is advisable to seek professional medical assistance. Receive proper diagnosis, treatment, and, if necessary, obtain a medical certificate (MC) to provide evidence of your condition.

Side Effects of Poor Health

‌Finding it Hard to Sleep

About 50% of cases of insomnia are impacted by depression, anxiety, psychological stress or physical unwell. Your job, social, and family lives will be negatively impacted, which makes it difficult to operate during the day.

Unable to Work or Be Productive

Illness often results in physical discomfort, decreased energy levels, and impaired cognitive function, making it challenging to perform tasks effectively. It is crucial to prioritize your health and seek appropriate medical attention to recover and regain your productivity.

Uncontrollable Thoughts

Psychiatric illnesses carry a greatly increased risk of self-harm as well as of suicide. People suffering from major depression have a 17-fold greater risk of taking their own life.

Our Solutions For Your

Video Chat Consultation

You will be able to talk to our professional doctors & therapists at cost as low as $17.

Secure in All Platforms

Our platform is accessible in all platforms such as mobile devices, computers and tablets

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1-to-1 Chat with Our GPs/Therapists

Private chat with our professional therapists at any time any day

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Talk to our Therapists/GPs

  • Counsellor | Language: Malay English, Tamil

    20 min

    42.50 US dollars
  • Psychology | Language: English

    20 min

    82.50 US dollars
  • General Practitioner

    20 min

    75 US dollars

22 Feb 21

"It’s a great application that not only provide consultation with
wide range of doctors but also forums for knowledge sharing
and helping out one another with tips and suggestions.
Simple and easy to use!"

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